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Hi stranger and welcome to my (new) blog! Now if you're wondering why this looks really simple it's because aI built this blog With my own 2 hands. So anyways, welcome! Hopefully here you'll find some funny content that you will enjoy while you're supposed to be studying. Anyway don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and donate some bitcoin!

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September 28, 2017

Evenin' ladies and gents. Now I'm going to tell you an interesting thing. I hacked my sister's 9 digit chromebook password without using any computers. You're probably thinking he's lying, what a liar. I hate liars. But no. I used a lovely tool called Social Engineering (tricking someone into giving you sensitive information). So my sister bet that I couldn't crack my sister's chromebook password first try. I said bring it on. So after a few days when she forgot, I asked her what the 6th digit was. She told me 2. Now the reason this was such a massive help is that these Chromebooks are school owned, so that since they don't feel like generatoing good passwords, they just put in there student id numbers. Now I know that it's Their grad year, plus 3 zeros, plus 3 digits. I know her grad year and the 3 zeros, so then there were only 100 passwords to guess. I used bruteforce and guessed (sistersgradyear)000201, (sistersgradyear)000202... and kept going until I got the password! Use Social Engineering, it makes it so much easier to get information. Instead of what I did, I could have guessed 999 passwords, but I guessed 100 instead! Social Engineering (it's a life saver trust me).

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